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Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy DiscriminationToo many times women take time off from work due to pregnancy and lose their jobs. In California, this is against the law. Under the California Pregnancy Disability Leave Law employers with 5 or more employees are required to provide up to four (4) months of unpaid leave for women. A female employee can take this leave for pregnancy, childbirth, or for related medical conditions. For men, California law provides for leave related to childbirth under the California Family Rights Act.

At the conclusion of the Pregnancy Disability Leave, the employee must be reinstated to the same position, with limited exceptions. However, where the position is no longer available, the employer must reinstate the employee to a comparable position.

Following a Pregnancy Disability Leave, an employee may still have the full 12 weeks of California Family Rights Act leave available for childcare. More, an employee may still be entitled to longer leave as a reasonable accommodation under California’s law about providing accommodations to persons with disabilities. If you believe you have been fired or treated differently at work because of pregnancy, we are here to help you.

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