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WhistleblowerTypically, a whistleblower is an employee who discovers their employer is/might be violating the law and complains about it internally or externally. Then, in retaliation for the complaint the employee is fired, disciplined, demoted, etc.

  • Am I a Whistleblower? There are many different types of laws that provide protection to employees who make complaints about potential illegal activities by their employers. Some of the laws that protect whistleblowers include laws about:
  • Doctors, nurses, medical assistants or other health care professionals complaining about patient care, safety, services, or conditions at a medical facility.
  • An employee is complaining that the employer is, or might be, defrauding the government or misusing government funds.
  • An employee who blows the whistle on fraud against shareholders or violations of securities and exchange laws.
  • That an employer is engaging in conduct in violation of public policy.

Do I have to complaint to the Government to be a whistleblower? It depends. Some laws provide protections for internal complaints to an employer for an employee to be protected. Other laws require that the complaint be made to a governmental entity in order to obtain whistleblower protections. Because there are so many different types of whistleblower laws, it truly depends on the type of employer and the type of complaint.

If you believe you have been fired or treated differently at work in retaliation for making a complaint that you believe makes you a whistleblower, we are here to help you. Give the lawyers at The Aarons Law Firm a call to see if we can help to keep Justice On Your Side.